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Default Thumbnail Girls Aloud to “push things forward” on new album

Girls Aloud are going to “push things forward” on their upcoming fourth studio album. Kimberley... 

Default Thumbnail Kelly Clarkson ‘Regrets’ Feud With Clive Davis

Kelly Clarkson wrote in a new post on her Web site that she regrets feuding with label head Clive Davis... 

Default Thumbnail Mariah Carey named “Worst Singer Of All Time”

Mariah Carey is the “Worst Singer Of All Time,” according to British entertainment magazine... 

RnB Music

Default Thumbnail T.I., Ciara To Headline Latest Scream Tour

Dates, cities, supporting acts for Screamfest ‘07 to be announced next week. Holla! The King... 

Hip Hop Music

Kanye West Arrested:Kanye West Arrest

Kanye West Arrested:Kanye West Arrest – Kanye West got arrested on Thursday morning at L.A. International Airport (L.A.X.),on... 

September 11, 2008 | Read the story »

50 Cent:”Kanye West Sucks”

50 Cent seems to have a lot of time on his hand.The ‘Candy Shop’ rapper has reignited his feud with Kanye West stating... 

September 1, 2007 | Read the story »

Kanye West disses Dixie Chicks

Kanye West pretty much has an opinion on anything and everything.  Read More →

August 26, 2007 | Read the story »

T.I., Ciara To Headline Latest Scream Tour

Dates, cities, supporting acts for Screamfest ‘07 to be announced next week. Holla! The King of the South and the woman once... 

June 5, 2007 | Read the story »

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